ANR, AAPG 2017 – Societal challenge 2: Clean, secure and efficient energy – JCJC

VIRAME is a young researcher project funded by the French National Research Agency, ANR. It aims at characterizing the diversity of viruses of methanogenic archaea in organic waste anaerobic digestion ecosystems.

The results obtained in the frame of the project will be considered in applied perspectives, to suggest innovative strategies based on viruses for the biocontrol of methanogens in organic waste biorefinery bioprocesses. Methane being a potent greenhouse gas, biocontrol of methanogens could also offer broader application perspectives (e.g. mitigation of methane emissions by ruminants) and could have a strong environmental impact.

Below is presented a schematic view of one of the molecular ecology approach which will be implemented during the project, based on viral metagenomics.